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Esperienze in natura

I'm an Environmental Hiking Guide who offers guided daily and multi-days excursions


I’m Francesco:

environmental hiking guide,

trail runner and nature lover

I am Sardinian, I live in Olbia and I have always worked in tourism.
From my passion for life in contact with nature comes the idea: “Passizende”.

“Passizende” was born primarily as a blog: Passizende in su Mundu.
After taking the Environmental Hiking Guide qualification, I decided to turn my passion into a career.

The name comes from the verb to walk. In the Sardinian language: “Passizare”. Walking around the world.

Sardinia would be the starting point of our walks. It will be a pleasure to welcome curious travelers here. I will introduce you to the hiking areas and small realities that our land has to offer. I will be happy to guide you “slowly” through nature trails of varying difficulty.  The philosophy that guides my project is Respect. By respecting territories and people, we will be able to create authentic connections between us and the world. I intend to develop “conscious hikes” in respect of different cultures, along various paths.

Passizende’s Services

One Day Hike

  • Old routes
  • Visits to natural monuments in the Sardinian territory
  • Specific shooting day (for professional photographers only)

Our idea of hiking: Walking in Nature is a nice way to explore Sardinia. Participants are invited to bring along the essential supply they might need to be in nature and be independent. You should bring the necessary but make sure to travel light. Food and water are not provided. The aim of these excursions is to learn how to be self-sufficient in nature.  If you need help with what to carry, get in touch in advance.

We will be sharing everything during the excursions, so do not worry, just come prepared!

Maximum length and difficulty to be agreed in advance.

Guided multi-days Trek

  • Crossings
  • Ring routes
  • Classic paths

Everything counting strictly on your energies!

These Treks are dedicated to experienced hikers.
For this reason, we organise some training and preparation a few days ahead of the hike.

Join us for the training, don’t limit your adventure.

Experience and practice will make you expert hikers.

Contact us

"In every walk you get much more than what you are looking for." It will not be a simple walk! Each excursion will be a real experience.


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Via Mar Nero, 15
07026 Olbia